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General Travel and Contract Conditions (ARVB)

General travel and contract conditions (ARVB)


We are pleased that you have booked a trip with Siamreisen.com, Kloten and thank you for your trust.


The following provisions form part of the contract concluded between you and us.


1. Contract


1.1 Contract Upon receipt of your written, telephone or personal registration, a contract is concluded between you and Siamreisen.com, Kloten. If you register additional travel participants, you will be responsible for their contractual obligations (particularly for payment of the travel price) as well as your own obligations. The contractual agreements and these “General Travel and Contract Conditions” apply to all travel participants. If Siamreisen.com, Kloten only acts as an agent for third-party services (particularly when booking package arrangements and individual services from other organizers via Siamreisen.com, Kloten), you conclude the contract with these companies and their contractual terms apply. We are not yours in such cases contracting party.


1.2 Start of service


We would like to point out that our services are generally only valid from the airport in Switzerland. It is therefore your responsibility to arrive at your departure location on time.


2nd prize


2.1. Travel price


The travel price to be paid is based on the current price lists available. Unless specifically mentioned, our prices are per person in Swiss francs. The prices valid at the time of booking apply. All prices include VAT and are cash prices.


2.2. Processing and reservations


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, in accordance with the guidelines of the Swiss Travel Agency Association, the booking office can charge additional costs for reservation and processing in addition to the amounts mentioned in the price list. We also charge the following processing fees for commission-free IATA tickets that are not included in a package deal (additional flight or flight-only): CHF 80 for European flights and CHF 140 for intercontinental flights.


2.3. “Land arrangement only”


Fee If you only book the land service with us (without a flight from/to Switzerland), we charge a fee of at least CHF 140 per order.


2.4. Price changes


In the event of subsequent price increases by service providers (transport or hotels: e.g. fuel surcharges), newly introduced or increased taxes or fees (e.g. airport taxes), exchange rate changes, VAT increases or plausibly explainable printing errors, we can increase the prices. We calculate price increases based on the additional costs we actually incur. If the price increase of the overall arrangement is more than 10 percent, you are entitled to withdraw from the contract free of charge within 5 days.


2.5.Diving prices


The diving prices and information are based on the information we have from the diving centers. Please consider this information as a guideline price. Short-term changes cannot be avoided. The costs for the theory book, the brevet and the logbook are generally not included in the course costs.


2.6. Customer requests


We are happy to report customer requests to the booked service providers. However, these are non-binding and cannot be guaranteed.


3. Payment Terms


When registering, a deposit of 30% of the total amount must be paid. The remaining payment must be made 45 days before the start of the trip and immediately if you register later. If your payment is not made to us on time, we are entitled to refuse the travel services and charge you for all costs incurred. For bookings with scheduled airline tickets that must be issued immediately, the entire invoice amount is due on the date of issue of these tickets.



4. Bookings of scheduled airline tickets


For bookings with scheduled airline tickets that must be issued immediately, the entire invoice amount is due on the date of issue of these tickets.


4.1 If the customer withdraws from the travel contract, Siamreisen.com, Kloten can demand appropriate compensation for the travel arrangements and expenses made. In the event of cancellations, rebookings or changes (name changes, travel date changes, accommodation rebookings), you pay a processing fee of CHF 200 per person, excluding special cancellation conditions. See also points 4.2 to 4.7. The processing fee is not covered by the mandatory cancellation insurance. Cancellations and rebookings must always be made in writing


4.2. The following rule applies to cancellations or rebookings before the start of the trip: - up to the 31st day before the start of the trip 25% - 30 to 15 days before departure 50% - 14 to 8 days before departure 80% - 7 to 0 days before departure 100% + processing fee according to point 4.1


4.3. Cancellation conditions for diving cruises:


If you cancel a fixed registration, you will pay, in addition to a processing fee of CHF 200, the following costs as a percentage of the arrangement price: - up to 90 days before the start of the trip 25 percent - 89 to 61 days before the start of the trip 50 percent - from the 60th day before the start of the trip 100 percent + processing fee according to point 4.1.


4.4. Cancellation conditions for package tours with scheduled flights and charter flights:


Depending on the airline and fare type, charter and scheduled flight tickets must be issued immediately after booking and are sometimes subject to very strict cancellation/change conditions, which can be up to 100%, depending on the airline and fare type. In the event of a cancellation/change, the actual costs will be passed on.



4.5 Cancellations and rebookings during high season:


The following rule applies to departures and/or stays from mid-December to mid-January: - up to 46 days before departure 30% - 45 to 31 days before departure 50% - 30 to 0 days before departure 100% + processing fee according to point 4.1


4.6. Exceptions Some hotels have special conditions that amount to up to 100% rebooking and cancellation fees from the day of booking - 0 days before departure.


4.7. Special promotions 100% expenses from booking date


5. Program changes


Non-execution or cancellation of the trip by Siamreisen.com, Kloten


5.1. Minimum participations The trips we offer are based on a minimum participation, which can vary. If the minimum participation required for your trip is not reached, Siamreisen.com, Kloten is entitled to cancel it up to three weeks before the scheduled start of the trip at the latest. In this case, we will endeavor to offer you an equivalent replacement program. If this is not possible or you forego the replacement program, we will refund all payments already made. excluded. More advanced


5.2. Unforeseen circumstances


Claims for compensation are Siamreisen.com, Kloten also reserves the right in your interest to change programs or individual agreed services (e.g. accommodation, type of transport, type of means of transport, airlines, excursions, etc.) if unforeseen circumstances require it. In rare cases, Siamreisen.com, Kloten is also forced to cancel your trip for reasons beyond our control, be it for your safety or other compelling circumstances such as non-issuance or withdrawal of landing rights, force majeure (this also includes delayed opening of hotels),


warlike events, unrest, strikes, etc. Siamreisen.com, Kloten, however, endeavors to inform you as quickly as possible in such cases and to offer you an alternative solution.


5.3. Overbookings


If there are overbooking problems, we reserve the right to inform you at short notice. We will endeavor to offer you a replacement solution. In such cases, we will pass on the corresponding price adjustments within the scope of Section 5.4


5.4. Costs of program changes


If Siamreisen.com, Kloten has to change a trip you have already paid for, resulting in an objective reduction in the value of the originally agreed service, you will receive a refund from Siamreisen.com. However, if additional costs arise after conclusion of the travel contract for a reason mentioned under Section 2.4 or 5.2, you may experience a price increase. If this amounts to more than 10% of the originally agreed travel price, you have the right to withdraw from the contract free of charge within 5 days of receiving our notification.


6. Early termination of the trip by you


If you have to end your trip early for any reason, Siamreisen.com, Kloten cannot refund you the costs for unused services. We therefore recommend that you take out European insurance in accordance with Section 15, which will cover the costs incurred if you have to end the trip prematurely for an urgent reason (e.g. your own illness or accident).


7. Unredeemed additional services


Additional services such as diving packages will not be refunded. Services that are not redeemed (full packages) will be refunded, deducting any processing fees, provided that the unused voucher is returned to us together with a written confirmation from the service provider and we are not billed for the services!


8. Passport, visa and vaccination requirements


8.1. Travel documents


You are responsible for the necessary travel documents yourself. However, your booking office will inform you about the passport and visa requirements as well as any health formalities and possible vaccinations. Vaccinations are not required for most of the travel destinations we offer. Swiss citizens need for most of trips advertised to us do not require a visa; Exceptions are mentioned in the travel confirmation. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the return date.


8.2 Responsibility


Siamreisen.com, Kloten cannot accept any liability for a refusal of entry due to visas not being obtained or not received. You are solely responsible for complying with the required passport, visa, customs, foreign exchange and health regulations.


9. Flight reconfirmation


Unless otherwise stated in the travel program, you are obliged to reconfirm the return flight times 48 hours before your return flight with the office listed in your travel documents.


10. “No show”


If you do not show up for departure or departure or show up late (no show), no refund of the price can be granted. If you miss the return flight, you will have to book another return flight at your own expense. This also applies to flight plan changes.


11. Electronic flight tickets/e-tickets


The electronic flight ticket, the so-called ETicket, offers carefree travel. More and more airlines are working on the principle of paperless flight tickets. The flight ticket is stored in the airline's reservation system and check-in program.


12. Complaints


If the services provided do not correspond to the description or are otherwise significantly deficient, you must immediately request a free remedy from the tour guide or the service company that was supposed to provide you with this service. This is an absolutely necessary prerequisite for later asserting your claims for compensation and also makes it possible to provide remedial action in most cases. If your intervention does not lead to a solution, you are obliged to request a written confirmation from the tour guide or service provider that records your complaint and its content. The local representative, service providers, etc. are not entitled to recognize any claims for damages. You must submit your complaints and any claims for damages in writing no later than four weeks after the agreed end of your trip. If you do not comply with these conditions, any claim for damages will lapse.


13. Liability


13.1. Package tours For package tours, we are liable for direct damage in the event of death, physical injury or illness that was culpably caused by us or by companies commissioned by us (hotels, transport companies, etc.). If you assert claims for damages, you are obliged to assign claims for damages against third parties to us.


13.2. Exclusion and limitation


Regardless of whether it is a package or modular trip, claims for damages remain excluded if they are due to a failure on your part, to unforeseeable or unavoidable failures of a third party (who is not a service provider), or to force majeure or if damage could not have been foreseen or averted despite due care by us or the service provider. Those provided for in international conventions and national laws remain reserved


Limitations on compensation for damages resulting from non-performance or improper performance of the contract. In all other cases involving the use of transport companies (airplane, train, ship, etc.), our liability for personal injury is limited.


13.3. Delays and cancellations In the event of delays by transport companies, regardless of the reason, we cannot accept liability for damages such as loss of wages, additional hotel nights, meals, etc. Likewise, if flights are canceled by the airline, the passenger must bear the subsequent costs.


13.4. Information about air travel International air transport is subject to the provisions of the Montreal Convention or Warsaw Convention with regard to liability for death or personal injury to passengers, delay of passengers and/or luggage, and destruction, loss or damage to luggage.


13.5 Transfer by seaplane / speed boat The transfer from Male Airport to the holiday island and back is organized by the respective resort. Waiting times in Male must be expected as transfers are often combined for environmental reasons. It can also happen that delays have to be expected due to weather-related influences, over which Siamreisen.com, Kloten has an influence.



13.6 Unforeseen events Siamreisen.com, Kloten cannot be held liable for force majeure events such as natural disasters, epidemics, war, unrest, terror.


13.7. Sports options / locally booked excursions / events / activities The resorts offer various options lie such as sunset fishing, dolphin safaris, etc. as well as a wide range of sporting activities such as diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing, tennis, etc. Please note that their regulations apply exclusively. Siamreisen.com, Kloten assumes no liability for excursions, events or sporting activities that you book at the holiday resort.


13.8. Security We are participants in the FAIR Reisegarant and guarantee that you will secure the money you paid in connection with your booking


14. Insurance


A valid cancellation costs/assistance insurance is mandatory. Siamreisen.com, Kloten would like to expressly point out that the processing fee in accordance with Section 4.1 and the insurance premium are not covered by the mandatory insurance cover. In any case, these costs must be paid by you.


15. Applicable law, place of jurisdiction


Our relationships with you are subject to Swiss law. Place of jurisdiction is Bülach (ZH)






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